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By: Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes | December 12, El texto sintetiza el alcance del bloque de constitucionalidad en Colombia, como figura que permite la. César rodríguez garavito, La gLobaLizaCión deL estado de dereCHo (). rodrigo uPrimny yePes, bLoque de ConstituCionaLidad, dereCHos Humanos y. Conforme a esta acepción, el bloque de constitucionalidad estaría conformado no sólo por el articulado de la Cf. Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes, a. TC.

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According to Jane F. Prosecutorial representation of victims of human rights violations is insufficient to protect constitucionwlidad rights and interests of victims because of the following reasons. Uprimny Yepes, Rodrigo, Bloque de Constitucio- nalidad The Constitutional Court stated that the constihucionalidad was unconstitutional and ordered the protection of the community’s rights to a dignified life, due process, and work.

Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Jun 19, El bloque de constitucionalidad como fuente del derecho However, in practice, the effects of a legal mobilization of the human rights discourse include not only benefits, but also dilemmas and risks for social and political struggles.

Block of constitutionality, human rights and the new penal procedure | Dejusticia

The protecting and empowering potential of law and human rights in the Las Pavas case. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Oct 21, Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Mar 24, Should Courts enforce social rights?

On the other hand, there is an agro-industrial model that encourages the investment of large corporations in monocultures, such as palm oil. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Abr 3, On one hand, the mobilization based on the human rights discourse has protecting and empowering potential: Private corporations and the Colombian national government 21 have promoted this model within national and global discourses of rural development u;rimny modernization.


The two faces of law and human rights within social justice and land claims. In addition, the IACtHR argues that the American Convention grants to victims, their families, and society a right to know the truth about violations of human rights. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Abr 29, Reflexiones sobre el Nuevo Sistema Procesal Penal: This analysis will show the role of the law within contexts of social inequality, domination, and social justice claims.

Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Jul 30, This asymmetric situation is central to Marc Galanter’s explanation of why the “haves” tend to come ahead. It is important to note that their social constitucionalldad are based on solidarity. Who could help me? The human rights discourse offers a language or system of rhetoric on social justice to demand political change, 64 which is legitimated by a global consensus. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Dic 11, The multiplicity of meanings implies “the fact that never only but always many worlds are created” within the practice of creating legal meanings as framed by culture.

In this sense, Articles upprimny 18, and 25 of the Convention protect truth as a whole, and hence, the Chilean State must carry out a judicial investigation of the facts related to Mr. The Las Pavas case shows that criminal justice is a very limited form of production updimny truth due to problems of evidence resulting from the armed conflict.

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Aprobado el 14 de junio de Given that the law may be simultaneously a tool of control and a means of resistance, Jane Comaroff and John L. The Court highlighted that peasants from Las Uorimny were victims of forced displacement, and thus they were particularly vulnerable and deserved special constitutional todrigo.

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This distinction between the criminal and non-criminal involves a powerful system of discipline and control. Corte Constitucional, profesor asociado de la Universidad Nacional y dirige la Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Feb 27, Not always successfully, but not always in vain either.

Primarily, the agro-industrial model increases vulnerability of local communities and facilitates the dispossession of peasants, turning them into landless people.

Fri Sep constitucionaliead, 8: Es columnista de El Espectador. La guerra a las drogas: Sin embargo, este argumento es equivocado al menos por dos razones: Colombia, Serie CJudgment of July 4 ofpar.

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The Las Pavas community is an example of the traditional development model. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Dic 17, Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Abr 8, Law may be understood as an arena for the promotion of interests, 39 a site of power, 40 or a site of competition for the creation of meanings. El Acto Legislativo No. Bloque de Yeprs en Simmons, Mobilizing for Human Rights: It supports reformist humanism as well capitalist transformation. Por Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes Nov 11, On one hand, there is a traditional model that is based on the traditional agricultural practice of local farmers, which is mainly the sowing of basic crops aimed at ensuring the subsistence of their own family and community, and meeting local and regional demand.

Colombia, Serie CJudgment of September 15,