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Good to see you! Among real money games I’m impressed by crash games, like Rocket X. They can increase your balance in 1 round from x2 to x40. So today I will be playing online casino Tivit Bet, and more specifically the game Crash. On your own you can play popular gambling games in India here:
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Friends, Rocket X has a competitor, which is better in all respects and is my favorite and best game on this site. Let’s try to beat real money casino and become a little richer. And in the comments write, what maximal profit in the game Crash is possible to make in 1 day?

Time Stamps:
00:00 – hey boys!
00:48 – useful links
01:24 – let’s play Crash mode
03:15 – huge X, 20 000₹ In 10 SECONDS
04:22 – THIS ROCKET GAVE ME 90 000 Rs
04:50 – results

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