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Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format without dimensions -, dxf 99KB. Aug 2, Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format with dimensions in mm, dxf 97KB. Aug 2, , Aprimatic is Urmet S.p.A.’s The WHITE section of the catalogue presents ,56 / ,56 / ,80 /

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Aprimatic has already identified all the difficulties that may be encountered by installers when working with highly technological solutions and has therefore decided to solve these problems with practical ready-to-use kits. Continuity of operation guaranteed, in the event of power supply failure, by a set of optional batteries which may be fitted inside the operator casing.

To complete an automation you will need the following: It can move wings having a maximum length of 3 m without electric lock. The drive pipes for connection to two or three thrust points are made of anodised aluminium and are supplied complete with fixing screws. The control units ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Book Depository Libri con spedizione gratuita in tutto il mondo. On opening and closing, the door may wholly fall within or partly protrude. The arms are equipped with mechanical limit stops to allow stroke adjustment. The Forty B-C operator can also be used with wings longer than 2. Each installation requires an IF 80 or IB 80 package. An optional accessory is available to protect the reflector from bumps and splashes. Adjustable running, from up to mm Double layers stainless metal chain alloy steel that ensure maximum strength.

All operators are equipped with hydraulic slowing down in the closing system fix but electronically adjustable.


Residential use for wings up to 3m Kg.

Catalogo [catalogue]

Domande e risposte dei clienti. F or more devices, see the section “Control units and Indicators” in this catalogue refer to the initial index. Practical lever release with customised key for emergency operations. Residential use for wings up to kg, cztalogo use for wings up to kg. Frictions are included in the weights.

On two-wing gates, the slowdown function requires 1 slowdown kit for the 1st wing and 1 slowdown kit for the 2nd wing if the T4 POWER electronic control unit is used. Boxes fitted with locking devices operated by a special key supplied as standard, and seals with IP55 protection degree for high resistance to atmospheric agents. In configurations where mobile wings equipped with ASM-N are joined to semi-fixed wings also equipped with emergency opening devices full emergency opening deviceit is necessary to fix the wings using the fittings supplied in the special set optional.

The electronic control unit is housed in a cwtalogo plastic casing with easy access from the top. Wireless self-learning – Max. Super smooth action thanks to the spring-loaded balancing system. When the traditional external gear motor cannot be installed due to lack of space.

This does not apply to adhesive seals; which are sold exclusively in packs of 50 metres. Consisting of many horizontal panels hinged together. Gate level Gate level 1- Motor 2- Worm screw reduction unit 3- Bell type coupling 4- Single disk dry clutch 5- Release device 6- Pinion 7- Support base 8- Door 9- Mechanical limit stop aprimatic. Urmet Group means integration of expertise and international dimensions, to offer global solutions to its partners. When opening, the door falls entirely within the garage.

SF versions, without hydraulic lock, always catalobo the use of the electric lock.


Toan Nguyen – disseturban

Door equipped with spring balancing system. Application with single or double motor for heavy doors or up-and-over doors with built-in pedestrian door. The bracket, to screw onto the window, is held on the rack with a practical spring-loaded pin.

The Reset push-button on the keyoperated selector unit is small and recessed to prevent accidental operation. Products designed to provide top reliability in a wide range catalpgo applications for offices, shops and supermarkets. Hai bisogno di aiuto? Select receiver output channel functions: Tutto Informazioni sul prodotto Domande e catalogp clienti. Rack available in 1 m items with adjustment slots and spacers for gate installation.

Possibility of manual operation via the release system optional. The Radio Band system establishes a constant dialogue between emitter and receiver at a frequency of MHz, with rumet auto-test.

The Aprimatic Memory System remote controls and receivers in this catwlogo have passed the tests set by European regulations: These barriers are also used for accesses used by special or large-sized vehicles.

The gear motor is encased in a stainless steel protective box with ABS inspection door that can be opened with a key. It can be connected in parallel. Contact customer service for AN estimate and availability.

For 2 wings, 80 kg each for one wing kg. The standard hydraulic slowing down system in the closing non-adjustable allows a soft approach of the wings, silently and without mechanical stress to the structure; The slowing down can be electronically adjustable.

Not available mA 2,5 mm2 1,5 mm2 1,5 mm2 2,5 mm2 1 mm2 2,5 mm2