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alternistor triacs with a diac trigger mounted inside the same pack- age. course of dealing between Supplier or Buyer, or in any cus- tomary usage prevalent. Positive voltage connection. Transistor. NPN. Negative voltage connection. Transistor. PNP. Diac. Source voltage. Triac. Source current. Crystal. Base. Collector. The TRIAC. 0 dBm on this scale is, of course, elevated above zero joined together to form a DIAC, we have a new device known as the TRIAC.

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The basic electronics laboratory provides the essential foundation for training technicians and engineers for maintaining, repairing and designing modern electronic systems. A key keyboard expands and enhances the keying options of the system. Plugging a card and unplugging it is simple and safe.

Among the topics covered: Motor and generator control. Bipolar and FET transistor. Motion and position sensors. Use a decoder to implement a function.

Disc to analog conversion. The Advanced Electronics Laboratory offers a wide variety of electronics technology subjects for various technician and electronics engineering training programs.


AVR structure and internal peripheral devices. The course covers various techniques for converting analog and digital signals commonly employed in digital communication systems.

Open and closed loop. Comparator and Schmitt trigger.

Audio amplifier and preamplifier Analog to digital conversion Digital to analog conversion Signal sampling and reconstruction Pulse amplitude modulation PAM Pulse code modulation PCM Delta modulation DM Effect of sampling frequency on reconstruction quality Digital voice recording Troubleshooting exercises. Voltage sources and power transfer.

Linear voltage regulator Basic concepts: The knowledge acquired will prepare electronics technology specialists for repairing electronic equipment as well as designing complex electronics systems with modern, state-of-the-art components.

Le diac : composant ̩lectronique РAstuces Pratiques

The EB family of training systems offers a wide variety of courses that cover the important fundamental aspects of electricity, electronics and microprocessors. Timing circuits with the The system includes all the lab instrument needs for electronics experiments: The system can be operated with or without a PC.


The unique base unit provides regulated power supplies, digital measuring instruments, function generator, 2-channel oscilloscope and djac insertion that not only save valuable space in the lab but also substantially lower costs.

Temperature control Thermostat Thermistor Temperature control circuit Troubleshooting 7 different fault-finding exercises. ARM structure and internal peripheral devices.

Le diac : composant électronique

Light emitting diode LED. The system contains 10 relays for switching the plug-in cards or for inserting faults. Resistors in alternating current circuits. How 3 phase motors work fiac phase motor controller Observe circuit waveforms Observe effect of frequency on phase shift Troubleshooting 7 different fault-finding exercises.

Implement functions with a multiplexer. Principles of digital systems.

The training systems are specifically designed to afford a modular approach to meet the requirements of a wide variety of curricula.