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Find great deals for Datron DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter – Faulty. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Wavetek/Datron Multi-Product Calibrator .. The from Wavetek/Datron is a high performance, 8½ digit bench top multimeter. It can measure direct voltage. Datron repair. «on: January 26, , am». Hey. «Last Edit: February 02, , am by whatamidoing». Logged.

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Not good, as this shows someone was diagnosing an issue that required the board to be possibly removed from the frame.

Datron 1281 DMM Meters

Conditions are for test are: We will look into those later on, after repair. It is even more amazing to see just few problems with both DMM s, most of 121 were resolved after simple capacitor replacement and reassembly. Hopefully they will continue to work few more decades.

The power was left on and a battery powered soldering iron was used. Re-seating all chips would be a good idea, considering age of the instrument dstron unknown history. There are different versions of with options keys, such as: The other leads are soldered straight to components with insulating sleeves. The meter came up with no checksum errors.

A quick test of the inguard supplies on the DC board showed the following values: If you willing to contribute or add your experience regarding test instruments repairs dtron provide extra information, you can do so following these simple instructions.


Testing VFD display output and test connections Image 4: All seven capacitors datro changed just like the first while observing if any of the leads needed to be bent to fit the holes in the pcb.

Wavetek/Datron 1281 8½ Digit Digital Multimeter

A few solder joints on the board were suspicious and reflowed. The ground cable is exposed so additional heat shrink datrin added to the P and N terminals. All supplies are close to as-found except the V supply.

All but two capacitors were replaced on the DC board 12 of Happy meters now ready for calibration: But if we get units in question repaired, we will be doing calibration in-house, using calibrated HP A and Fluke B DC voltage standard.

The original three errors were gone, dqtron a new error dxtron been added from the AC assy. In out units refereces were enclosed in black epoxy, and would be troublesome to remove from PCB for teardown.

These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals.

DATRON DIGIT Selfcal Digital Multimeter | eBay

Might be worthy to take a note of cable locations before removing PCBA:. It is the same make as the first but an adapter board had been designed with FRAM so it was going to be installed in this meter first after it has been tested. It is still older version of Modelstill carry Datron Instruments logo, not Wavetek-Datron like on newer meters. Rear panel is same as first unit, with all the usual connectors and without any fans or vent holes.

Keylock to enable calibration mode on this unit is damaged by previous owner, likely by attempts of using wrong key.


| Datron DMM repair and calibration worklog

The errors are broken down based on the type of test. It was also found that a plastic spacer that sits between the board and one of the standoffs was no longer in place. The board plugs into a single socket and has an additional wire connecting to it daron A17 most likely for an additional address line to datrno memory ROM s. The FRAM board was read and then programmed.

Good rule of thumb is to replace all batteries if instrument is older than 10 years. All seven capacitors were changed with only one gotcha.

Digital board The outguard supplies were measured: Fuse Tests Fuse is open datronn. Model using two identical Linear LTZ based modules, labeled Datronwith custom hermetically sealed Vishay metal foil resistor network, while Model using LTZ module and LM module to save cost.

It appears that the diagnostic test for the failing step is low by 1. The Fast test failure code is explained in section 2. This is rather unusual today to see such hard keylock to protect calibration, but back then it was easy go-to solution. There was concern that additional heat could have caused issues with the aging parts.