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FlightGear Flight Simulator (spesso citato semplicemente come FlightGear o FGFS) è un .. The Flight Gear Manual Version.9, April ; ^ “Flight Gear Flight Simulator” Proposal checked June 26, ProFlightSimulator. Manual. Michael Basler, Martin Spott, Stuart Buchanan, Jon you start FlightGear, but you can overlay the 2-dimensional instrument. Changes made to the game after this manual was written are described had time to eat between sorties, and they slept in their flight gear, ready to scramble.

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Gli aerei vengono scaricati solitamente come archivi. Trust me on this one! Main rule is you must push the yoke towards the wind. Otherwise you may find that it either refuses to take-off with the normal flughtgear of yoke control, or takes off too quickly.

Eurocopter EC B4 – FlightGear wiki

To check the flaps position visually, either use the mouse view mode to look at the back of the wing, or type Shift-right arrow to shift the view to the right and then quickly Shift-up arrow to get back to front view.

Spiega le basi del volo attraverso molti itliano Capitolo 9, Tutorial: Opzione utile se ci si perde o se va storto qualcosa.

This section is about gauges, switches and controls of the aircraft. Check aileron and elevator are neutral by observing the yoke position. Here are some helpful hints for making contact.


Configura i guasti casuali dei vari sistemi e strumenti aeronautici, consentendo di impostare un tempo medio tra i guasti MTBF o dei cicli periodici esatti MCBF.


Hence you move slower compared to the ground. You will arrive earlier at your destination. Capitolo 5 In volo: The second and third stage of flaps produce much more drag than lift, so they are used to brake the plane. Otherwise you will find that you will over-correct and have to turn back again.

The master computer needs to broadcast the FDM and control information to the slaves. Due to the complexity of the FDM and graphics, FlightGear is very processor-intensive, so running multiple instances of FlightGear on a single machine is not recommended. Alcune altre dipendenze variano a seconda del tipo di piattaforma per cui si desidera ottenere il binario.

Descrive come avviare il programma. In normal flight, as said above, you tend to set a comfortable engine power level, forget about it and rely on the yoke and trim. You need to be aware that the engine is also fed with a huge amount of air. Each tutorial consists of a number of discrete steps which you must complete.

When the wind blows in the opposite direction towards the nose of the planethe speed of the wind subtracts itself from the airspeed of the plane.

Otherwise, ATC messages may make it difficult to hear your instructor.

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You have to tune in the optimal mixture. Go to the FTP mirror list. Ripristina il volo alla posizione di partenza.

It blows along the airplane body, but also corkscrews around the airplane fuselage. Under Linux, this can be found by logging in as root and typing “ifconfig”.

You will see the RPM varies significantly as does your airspeed. The engine RPM should now be close to the maximum. Once the plane is halted or at very low speed, you can release the b key and add a little engine power to taxi to the parking or hangar. To enable the carrier, you must edit your preferences. As most runways can be flown from either end, you can easily take off from the other end of the runway and benefit from the headwing.


Hence the wings travel through the air at a steeper angle. Then use the mouse to try and get the airplane to fly straight. In the event that the primary FlightGear server is busy or slow we have a number of ftp mirror sites.

The angle at which the wings travel through the air matters. If you want to control the airplane on the ground see section 8.

In the vertical position, the parking brake is ON. Esistono anche aerei non ufficiali di terze parti, ma non sono inclusi fllghtgear seguente lista. In real life, we would have inspected the airplane all around to check everything is working, nothing is hampering the moving parts, and nothing is obstructing the instrument openings.

Esempio di variabile su linux: You can center all yoke and rudder controls by typing 5 on the keypad. Alternatively, if you are on the ground and know the altitude of the airport, you can simply adjust your altimeter until it displays the correct altitude.