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Case number, IT/1-T. Decision title, Judgment. Decision date, 10 December Parties. The Prosecutor; Anto Furundžija. Categories, War crimes. Trial Chamber II found Furundžija guilty of torture and outrages upon personal The events giving rise to the case against Furundžija have occurred at the. Anto Furundzija (Trial Judgement) , available at: cases,ICTY, [accessed 27 December ].

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The amended indictment further alleged that Furundzija continued to interrogate Witness A and Victim B while they were beaten on the feet with a baton by the other soldier and further, that Furundzija stood by, failing to intervene in any way, while Witness A was forced to have oral and vaginal sexual intercourse with the other soldier. During the interrogation, she was maintained in a state of forced nudity and obliged to submit to several sexual attacks: In the night of 14 SeptemberOctavien Ngenzi was born in in Rwanda.

The Prosecutor v. Anto Furundžija

After outlining some previous treaties such as the Leiber Code, the Tribunal held that the prohibition against torture furudzija a general rule of international law. The accused furthermore stood by, failing to intervene in any way, while the witness was forced to have oral, anal and vaginal sexual intercourse with the other soldier.

National courts also have jurisdiction to prosecute alleged perpetrators of serious violations of international humanitarian law. Mario Sandoval was a member of the federal police force under the Argentinean military dictatorship.

Prosecutor v. Anto Furundzija | Women’s Link

The trial chamber then held that the forced penetration of the mouth by the male sexual organ constitutes a most humiliating and degrading attack upon human dignity. Induring the Rwandan Genocide, Ngenzi was mayor of the Kabarondo dist Furthermore, other sexual assaults are expressly or implicitly prohibited in various provisions of the same treaties. The Tribunal has concurrent jurisdiction with national courts.


Mario Alfredo Sandoval She was subjected to multiple rapes, sexual assaults and physical abuse while in their custody. The wars mostly ended after peace accords were signed, and new republics were given full international recognition of their statehood. Ricardo Miguel Cavallo was born on 29 september The Court found that the crimes He appeared before the ICTY for the first time on 19 December and pleaded not guilty to the two counts with which he was charged. They focus on prosecuting lower ranking offenders.

In this capacity he and another soldier interrogated Witness A. The trial chamber first discussed the procedural history of the case and concluded that, under the Tadic testthere was a state of armed conflict between the relevant parties. Exclusively for the use of the media. The Tribunal found that there was no established definition of rape in international law and went on to cite the definition of rape in the Akayesu case, in which the chamber of the ICTR stated that rape was a physical invasion of a sexual nature, committed on a person under circumstances which are coercive.

It also noted, that in addition to individual criminal liability, State responsibility may ensue as a result of State officials engaging in torture or failing to prevent torture or to punish torturers. The Judgement of the Trial Chamber. These panels work in collaboration with the ICTY. It has been held that international crimes being universally condemned wherever they occur, every State has the right to prosecute and punish the authors of such crimes.

The Court noted that rape could be employed, in the course of detention and interrogation as a means of torture and, therefore it constituted a violation of international law. The conflicts accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia, when the constituent republics declared their independence.


The trial of Furundzija commenced furkndzija 8 June and the proceedings continued until 22 Juneat which time the hearing was closed with judgement reserved to a later date. Whilst Anto Furundzija continued to interrogate his two victims, a soldier was beating the man on the toes with a truncheon.

Ibrahim Al F The judgement is a document of approximately pages, which this press release does not summarise.

Rape and other serious sexual assaults in international humanitarian law Furnudzija chamber noted that rape in time of war is specifically prohibited by various treaties: Firundzija Special Chamber for War Crimes has jurisdiction to prosecute the most serious alleged war crimes committed in Bosnia, and was created to relieve the ICTY, so that it can focus on criminals of high rank.

The primacy can be asserted in three cases: The trial chamber then laid down the following objective elements of rape para.

After spelling out the elements of torture in international humanitarian law, the Tribunal stated that one of the possible purposes of torture could also be the humilitation of the victim. Related Content Trial Watch. On 22 SeptemberAnto Furundzija was transferred to Finland to cade out the remainder of his sentence. Anto Furundzija was present during the furunczija incident and did nothing to stop or curtail the beatings or sexual violence.

The accused was arrested on 18 December by members of the multinational stabilisation force SFORacting on a warrant for arrest issued by the International Tribunal.