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Limited space for installation of new air conditioning system on university building. Grove GMK is the best option in terms of capacity. Grove GMK A compact t Crane. With 68m main boom. Page 2. Terranova Group, Mytchett Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU16 6ET. Telephone All Terrain Mobile Crane | GMK Back to All Terrain. HOME. PRODUCTS. GMK KEY SPECIFICATIONS. TYPE, VALUE. Capacity, t, Capacity.

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Longitudinal and transverse level control with automatic onhighway levelling system. On the day there were over 30 people from both Ravago and AsiaE working on the set up for the technical set of lifts.

Separate electronic hydraulic steer by wire steering of the 4th, and 5th axle line for all wheel steering and crabbing.

Grove GMK-5220, 220t

Manitowoc Direct Login Request Access. One by one, each lift was completed and all went exactly to plan, with no damage to any surrounding object despite the highly congested working area. An on-site audience was also in attendance, as senior engineering students from the university were invited to watch the installation work.

Complete instrumentation and driving controls. Back to All Terrain. Although 7 hours were initially allocated for the work, in the end the whole project was wrapped up in just 4 hours.


: Grove GMK Crane Specifications/Load Charts

Axle lines 1, 2, 3 and 5 steer on highway steer by wire. The crane operator set the lifting parameters in accordance with the engineering plans and the three lifting points for the chiller and accessories were set.

Electronic level 5202 with automatic levelling system. Load moment and independent anti-two block system with audio visual warning and control lever lock-out. Founded inThe Manitowoc Company, Inc.

Aluminium, 2-man-design, safety glass, driver seat with pneumatic suspension, engine-dependent hot water heater. The five-axle Grove GMK has a t maximum capacity and a 68 m main boom. Two stage transfer case with inter-axle differential lock. The crane is also relatively narrow, with a 3 m width, and at the Far Eastern University site that was a plus.

Ravago recommended the crane not only because it had the strength, reach and maneuverability to make the lifts, but also because it was fast enough to complete the job inside a day.

Andy Gagarin, gm, manager with Ohms-Psi Construction Trading, said the smoothness of the installation process prompted some celebrations on the project. Full electronic control of all crane movements using electrical control levers with automatic reset to zero. Dual circuit, hydraulic power assisted steering with emergency steering pump.

Aluminium, full vision, tiltable approx. The contractors in g,k were, Ravago Equipment Rentals Inc. Download Image Hi-res Low-res. AsiaE was the logistics and delivery contractor, while Ravago, which is a multi-discipline industrial company, supplied the crane from its large rental fleet — one of the biggest in The Philippines.


Subscribe to the latest Manitowoc news. Special 5-axle chassis, bmk torsion-resistant box type construction in high strength steel. Allison automatic SP, 6 forward and 1 reverse speed.

Grove GMK5220 gets to Play at first job in Germany

All wheels with independent hydropneumatic suspension and hydraulic lockout. However, the roads surrounding the building were so narrow that even though the GMK was compact enough to access the lift site, in order to extend its outriggers AsiaE had to get special permission from the local council to dismantle some barriers.

Independent horizontal and vertical movement control on each side of the carrier and from the operators cab. Two speed transfer case with inter-axle differential lock.

Ergonomically arranged instrumentation and crane operating controls. AsiaE calculated that the installation of the new aircon system would require three lifts, each of 14 t, to install the chiller plus another lift to position the 3 t of additional accessories, all of which would be lifted to the top of the building.

Reach can be extended to up to m through the addition of jib attachments.

ECOS system with graphic display.