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View Golshan Raz’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Golshan has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on . The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz). Mahmud Shabistari (–) translated by E.H. Whinfield. This summit of Persian mystical poetry was written. Gulshan-i Raz or Gulshan-e Raz (Persian: گلشن راز , “Rose Garden of Secrets”) is a collection of poems written in the 14th century by Sheikh Mahmoud.

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Passing to precept, Mahmud says, ” Eest not in the illusions of sense and reason, but abandon your ‘ natural realism,’ as Abraham aban- doned the worship of the host of heaven.

But when that moon, whose face was as the sun, Saw that I had cast away hope from my soul, Gplshan filled a goblet and gave it me to drink, 1 And from that draught fire was kindled within me.

That man is disgusted with superficial faith, To whom the true infidelity has once been revealed. Necessary Being is as Heaven and Hell as ras, ” I ” and ” you ” are the Hades veil between them. Lahiji explains it as ‘ Passing by the stages of carnal lusts, and mental operations, and human pleasures and relations, and emerging from the limitation of self, which veils man’s real essence.

The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz)

The first is the knowledge gained by logical demonstration, the second that ” spiritually discerned ” by illumination, Sashf. Though the mirror of the heart be polished, 7 1 I. Again, suitably to that special world Your dispositions will be embodied and personified. These are the various grades ra men attain in proportion to their capacity to receive the pure wine. Taverns have been edified by his lips, Mosques have been illumined golshzn his cheek.

During his service, he thrice obtained the consent of Shah Syed to become a guide to those who came to him to seek guidance. If you rax the chronicles of the world, You will know clearly its several degrees.


To what point belongs the aphorism, ‘ I am The Truth?

Gulshan-i Raz | Revolvy

This ” religion of Abraham ” is, according to Deutsch Remains, pp. The perfection of a star is its ascension, and its defect its setting.

Sometimes by force of nature I am lying on ashes, Sometimes at a look from him I am in the rose garden. On the meridian line he stands upright, 1 When prophecy ceased with Muhammad, saintship alone remained, aud made the circuit of the world in the persons of the various saints.

Know him for the ass whose name is Jassds. See Schmoluers Documenta, p. Have you not heard the text, ‘ What ye see not?

The holy tradition 4 has declared this, And, ‘ without eye or ear,’ demonstrated it.

The Mystic Rose Garden (Gulshan-i Raz) | The Matheson Trust

Consider the East along with the West, For this world contains no more than one of each. See all these asses in the toils of that ass, Being the forerunners in ignorance of that ass. List of Bangladeshi films of topic This is the list of some Bangladeshi movies in the Bengali language, released in in Bangladesh or overseas. If you have seen ” The Truth ” at the beginning, You may see Him again in this place. Go, take yourself out of your own road, Every moment renew your faith. What bliss, what ecstasy, what intoxication!

Read the fourth verse, it is ” The throne ;” J After that are the seven heavenly spheres, The ” chapter of the seven limbs ” answers to these. The argument is that since each creature is the manifestation of some one Name of God, and you are the epitome of all creatures, therefore you see in your- self reflections of all the names of God.

O His entrancing state is the union of union, His heart ravishing beauty the light of light. History of Karachi Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. D and remained in the service for 16 years. As this city was the stronghold of the Mughals, a number of civil and military officers, men of letters, citizens, etc.


Lahiji says it is a spark from the light of Unity, and is one though manifested in various theatres. Bibliographies by writer Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The world is yours and yet you remain indigent. He answered, It is my staff whereon I lean, and wherewith I beat down leaves for my flock.

Sense and reason cannot transcend phenomena, or see the real Being which underlies them all ; so sense and reason must be ignored and superseded in favour of the ‘ inner light,’ the inspiration or divine illumination in the heart, which is the only faculty whereby men perceive the Infinite.

There is no time in God. The reasonable soul, nafsi natika. Ingratitude is a mark of ignorance, But knowledge of truth lies in gratitude. How can you doubt that this is a dream? Like you the world is a specific person, You are to it a soul, and it is a body to you. Falls one beam of His on the hard rock, It is torn to pieces like wool of divers colours. Nevertheless, according to the word of the teacher of the faith, I rejected not the postulant of the faith, 4 But to the end that these mysteries might be explained, The parrot of my eloquence lifted up his voice.

If the son shows a trace of his father, What shall I say? He saw that the world is an imaginary thing, Like as one diffused through many numbers. If you desire to behold the eye of the sun, You must make use of another body ; Since the eye of the head has not strength enough, You may look on the brilliant sun in the water. The mean is as the ‘ narrow ivay,’ 2 On either side yawns hell’s bottomless pit.

Your bones are as the mountains, for they are hard, Your hair as plants, and your limbs as trees.