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REBEL GROT MOB + BUGGY ROSTERS . Gorkamorka knows ‘ow, but da Diggas live under da Pyramids. .. blank roster sheets in the Gorkamorka box. A GorkaMorka roster sheet for gangers and vehicles in an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your total gang cost. A good roster sheet but doesn’t fit on A4 paper if printed. Reply from IBBoard: Being ‘intelligent’, the roster was originally designed to be used on a computer and.

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The maximum characteristics for any Feral Ork rooster are listed below. Remove him from your roster along with any equipment he was carrying. Community Forum Software by IP. The result is a deeply weird Boar! The crew member is lucky enough to dodge out the way.

Animosity and Vehicles Animosity affects models onboard a vehicle differently. This is the first instance of the increased range of the Dust Rats coming into play, although in this case the bumpiness of the vehicle makes the shot miss by a hefty margin.

Why do Rebel Grots seem to have a monopoly on Buzzer Squigs? If failed, roll on the Rampage table. No challenge to their status roser intended. If the rider goes Out of Action, the squig runs away- remove the model as usual.

Rpster Bows and Crossbows can be used if the Ork passes a successful initiative check but if he fails, the Squig goes wild.

Campaign Stuff | The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site

Feral Ork Weirdboyz are subject to pinning. The Squiggoth can only move as if it is thrusting for the remainder of the game.

The result gorkamorma possibly one of the only War Boars on Gorkamorka with wing mirrors. If a Wild Squig moves within 1″ of another Squig, then the rider must pass a Leadership test or his squig goes wild as well! Just as with normal mobs, if a Feral Ork dies all of his equipment is lost and cannot be re-allocated to another model see “Death of a Warrior”, page 68 of Da Uvver Book.


The squiggoth is an exceptionally large squig though not perhaps as large as those fielded by a true Ork Waaagh!!! Five Fickies throw rocks at a fort gate.

Updating Mob Roster…

If the Squig moves at over 10″, there is an additional -1 to hit modifier due to the speed and dustcloud! Da Deff Islands is a rules supplement for Gorkamorka. However, the release of Waaagh! The smaller of the two is mostly scratch built with the addition of some GW wheels and a couple of bits from a toy tractor. Shheet side counts as charging. In the event the Squiggoth has no fixed weapon, then the crew is hit instead. The idea of Gorkers and Morkers as the only Ork gang types within the Gorkamorka rules set always concerned me.

Hello, one and all! Only a Brute has the strength to wear such a “garment” and still fight and even he will be slowed by it.

We were hunting around for Gorkamorka related stuff online and came across this. Fickies can never act as drivers or gunners.

A Weirdboy can only gorkaamorka one staff. When you purchase a Squig for him to ride, the Wildboy misses his next battle while he trains the squig not to kill him and to tolerate him riding it into battle.

Clan-Bertram » Games Workshop » Extra Bits

Scrap counters used in this way provide no additional income for the mob. These stats may well change in future, playtesting is scheduled to begin soon, depending on other commitments. He counts as pinned for the rest of the turn he will have recovered by the start of the next turn, unless another Animosity check is failed. Pinning is resolved in the usual manner.

The head of the Boar is totally rebuilt out of metal, making it look even more vicious than before. Oh, yes, the rules for them, how absent-minded of me: It seems that generally over time they do become a little brighter than the Fickies that they start out as. While trukks, traks and buggies rely on their crew to inflict most of the damage, Feral Orks struggle to keep the Squiggoths from causing too much.


The Doc demands D6 teef for the work, plus D6 more for the damage to the workshop. Previously fire and burnination was limited to scorchers and the odd splattapult payload but we here at tUGS felt that something as delightfully destructive as fire should appear more often. Roll a D6 every turn.

A Rider who successfully attacks a vehicle fights a crew member as normal, but the crewman will only fall off his vehicle if he goes down, and the Rider is simply moved out of contact with the vehicle if he loses, in addition to any wounds he may take.

It seems that generally over time they do become a little brighter than the Fickies rostdr they start out as. These rare souls would be on the fast track to promotion. Rules See syeet 55 of Da Roolz for the statline.

On a one, the squiggoth cannot be persuaded to behave and is not available for the battle. Each Brute has a few of these around to help keep the Fickies in line and for certain special skills like squig riding. Speaking of fortune — rostr orks were incredibly unlucky during the game, so we may well switch the Dust Rat mob to another player and see how they fare against another mob of orks commanded by someone else.