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Sklep Wrocław: Nakrętki, Kołki, Nitonakrętki, Nity, Kotwy, Wkręty, Kołki, Wpusty, Segery, Zawleczki, Wiertła, Gwintowniki, Smarowniczki, Zaślepki, Torx. T Thread G ½, G ¼ (female) T Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (male) T Thread ½ NPT, ¼ NPT (female) T Other on inquiry. NPT, ¼ NPT Gwint. Standard ISO-A zgodne z ISO seria A z pojedynczym uszczelnieniem, wewnÄ?trzne gwinty calowe BSP od 1/4″ do 2″, ciĹ?nienie robocze bar.

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To realize the advantages of the expected closer radial internal clearance of the extraprecision bearing, the user must have the capability of producing housing bore and shaft raceway diameters to the close tolerances indicated by the tabular data on the facing page. Applications involving loads approaching this rating or the tabulated working load, whichever is the smaller, should be referred to your Engineering Sales Office before a final selection is made.

The go gauge size is the minimum diameter inside the needle rollers.

TORRINGTON – Lozyska Igielkowe Cienkoscienne i Sprzegla (Calowe i Metryczne)

The controlling dimensions are in inches for nominal inch inner rings. In production operations using closer tolerances on shaft and housing, they will assemble with consistently lower radial internal clearances than can be expected with the precision series bearings. The inner rings are designed to be wider than the matching drawn cup bearing.

Intermittent operation at higher rates has been successful.

Opel Zafira Klub Polska – FORUM dyskusyjne ::

Gwintt finish on the raceway should not exceed 16 microinches a. Transition from the overrun to locked operation normally occurs with minimal lost motion backlash.


The ramps are case hardened to assure long wear life.

Kompozytowy system naprawy rur Loctite. Clutches with integral springs engage satisfactorily at cyclic rates up to engagements per minute.

Description of Tabular Data. When the letter H appears in the inch series bearings column headed nominal bore diameter, the gauge sizes listed are for the larger cross section inch series bearings which twinty H in their bearing designation prefix.

Nominal dimensions with rounded conversions are shown below. Never use a hammer or other tool requiring pounding to drive the clutch into its housing. Press unit slightly beyond the chamfer in the housing bore to assure full seating.

Applied Loads, Lubrication, Temperatures, Backlash. Applications involving ca,owe approaching this rating or the tabulated working load, whichever is the smaller, should be referred to the Torrington Engineering Sales Office before a final selection is made. Adhesives will calpwe provide proper support in oversized metallic housings. Shaft raceway and housing bore diameters necessary for proper mounting and operation are listed on the opposite page.

For suggested methods of removing bearings from blind and shouldered bores, consult the Torrington Engineering Sales Office personnel. Ksiazka Techniczna Lozyska Wiencowe Documents. Gwinhy cup bearings of nominal inch and metric dimensions with one closed end, which are not tabulated, may be made available upon request.

Symbol denotes Torrington Basic Dynamic Load Rating to be used in load-life calculations taking into consideration the application guidelines and limitations given in this catalog.


Our philosophy of the work is working on the assumption, that the most important thing in contemporary sale is solving problems of the customer. They are applying worldwide in all branches of industry. Load ratings are given in pounds-force: The housing should be of high strength material. The stainless steel springs permit higher rates of engagement, and achieve a greater spring life.

Inch-metric conversions are given for the convenience of the user.

Inch bearings are available in either of two radial cross sections. Torrington also has available bearings with other cage designs. The controlling dimensions are in millimeters.

If the operating temperature must be outside of the above range or if the seals are exposed to unusual fluids please consult the Torrington Engineering Department. Inch to metric and metric to inch conversions are listed for the convenience of gwunty user, but the designer should understand that the controlling dimensions are in inches for nominal inch assemblies and millimeters for nominal metric assemblies.

When assembling the shaft, it should be rotated during insertion. See pages E for discussion of shaft and housing design. For those applications where oil is not practical, clutches are packed with a soft grease containing mineral oil.