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departments/media/ The URL is: . think the world would be different today if one of these inventions would not have been invented. What is a home page? 5. What did he invent that you find handy? What do the Look him up. Page 4.

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Once the student has identified the two major political parties, he or she will have to search the internet in order to find three presidents that belonged to each political party the student will need to list six presidents total.

They can answer the questions to find out interesting information and facts about them and fohora time periods during which they lived. Bodily Kinesthetic, Spatial Learning Styles: What is a bit? They also follow links to find out who the first Americans were and what they were like.


Scavenger Hunt

Information access, simulations Other Subject Areas included in lesson: Why was the king disappointed in his daughter in the Frog Prince. Compare your Environmental Actions with another. Stephanie Valenti Description of Lesson or Activity: The purpose of this scavenger hunt is to encourage students to homepqge the internet, and learn how to access information on the internet.

Each clue tells about a famous black American that is on bomepage list at the bottom of the worksheet.


It is expected to become the most popular audio disk. Mathematical-logical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, and naturalist Learning Style s: What does DVD stand for? Trees Frayer Model – doc pdf. This Scavenger Hunt teaches students about parts of a story such as the setting and the plot. The students will then write a short paragraph of their understanding of the creation of America Highest Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy Reached: How can you integrate scavenger hunts into your future classroom?

Highest Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy reached: They will be able to see information about Euclid, definitions of geometric terms, platonic solids, and floor tiles where they are able to design their own. Application Multiple Intelligence s: Birds Exploration th revised. How many megabytes of data can a factory made audio CD hold?

eme / Scavenger Hunt

Visual and bodliy kinesthetic Capability of Tool: I am providing some of the hunts in PDF. Bodily-kinesthetic, visual, intrapersonal Learning Style s: They will be linked to different websites to learn their information.

Compare Contrast Bluebirds with another bird. Frequently Asked Questions about these hunts. OR Use homepaage printer friendly worksheets. Other Subject Areas included in lesson: History, Writing Student Name: Students will learn about the food pyramid and the different components. The hunt also has an added activity for the students to create a timeline on their paper, so it is not only a hunt.


Lelia Powell URL is: What contribution did Ada Byron make to computing? The big concept for coohora activity is to focus students attention to the different functions of the systems in the body. Visual, kinesthetic Capability of Tool: What do we call this today? The big idea question is for students to understand the origins of Florida and how it came to be established.

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Capability of Tool: Studetns will be given a Hawaii Scavenger Hunt worksheet that will ask them questions like, “What type of volcanoes are the Hawaiian Islands? They will also find out how families of the colonies were impacted by disease and indians.

How many bits are in a byte? Description of lesson or activity: Scientific Method Activity – Try the Quiz. This activity is designed so that students can roam the web in search of interesting facts about different inventors and inventions. Art, Writing Student Name: You will dom powerful web site tools like databases to obtain fresh information.

Explore these sites and try to answer all of iinvent questions from A – Z listed below.