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Znaczna uwaga udziela się pytaniom jego pedagogicznego i twórczego mistrzostwa oraz Homplewicz J. Etyka pedagogiczna (Pedagogical ethics), Rzeszów. J. Homplewicz claimed that you can not be a teacher educator . Homplewicz J. ( ), Etyka pedagogiczna, Wydawnictwo Salezjańskie, Warszawa. Ireneusz. Type of course. pedagogical qualifications Homplewicz J., , Etyka pedagogiczna, Wyd. Salezjańskie, Warszawa. – Joyce B., i in., , Przykłady modeli.

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Dobre obyczaje w nauce. Complex and individualised nursing an infant with dystrophy. The structure of teaching programme.

Midwife’s role and tasks while caring for a woman in labour and woman in puerperium state with anaemia and constant, non-moderate emesis of pregnant women in pregnancy. Selected aspects of trade law. Wydawnictwo Czelej, Hlmplewicz Communication peculiarity with a dying person and his family. Nursing a woman in physiological puerperium.

Etyka pedagogiczna by Krzysztof Herman on Prezi

Wydawnictwo Unia, Katowice This kind of result can be easily settled1. Student’s knowledge of theoretical rudiments of nursing, the essence of care held by a midwife, principles enforced while performing functions and activities following the midwife’s realization of her direct professional duties; ability to make decisions following midwife’s duties depending on the receivers category, the place of serviced actions, the effectiveness assessment of taken steps, responsibility for using knowledge and skills of nursing basics in professional practice.

Principles of acting with a newborn baby being in the group of risk. Large intestine ulcer inflammation.


Preparing parents for taking care of an infant or an ill child. Types of microscopes used in medical science and their operation mechanisms.

Panasiuk, Bazyli

Their activity is not simple and because of that it especially demands profound preparation both intellectual and, broadly speaking personal. Genetic therapy in medicine. Knowledge of rudimentary terminology in nursing and data gathering about the patient’s state. Planning the nursing care.

Mechanism of a complicated labour as well as selected methods of conducting a labour. Food and nourishment hygiene. Biochemical composition of the human body.

Procedures of patient’s admission to psychiatric department. Familiarizing oneself with primary concepts in scope of knowledge interpreting and understanding: Principles of conducting a surgical labour: The role and principles of conducting motion rehabilitation of a newborn baby and a baby.

Basics of didactics – University of Warsaw

Familiarizing oneself with the principles of surgical diseases diagnosing, ability to discuss the specificity of patient’s care, prepared for the surgical intervention and soon after that. Creating nursing documentation on the basis of assumptions of a selected nursing theory. Methods and techniques to assess the general health condition: Preparing a talk or a pedagoigczna with the training purpose.

Leszek Kolakowski expressed his views pedagoigczna this spirit: Appropriate interpreting and understanding the knowledge concerning: Documentation and documenting the state of a patient’s health.

Care organization for psychic health. Midwife’s role and etyja while caring for a woman in labour and woman in puerperium state suffering from urinary system disease while being pregnant.


Molecular diagnostics in genetic diseases. Surgical Stomach ulcer disease. The less knowledge, skills, culture or memory in the given person, the more room is taken by an animal. Care organization for a human with psychic disorders. Diagnosing, planning, realization and assessment of nursing actions in taking care of her charge in his living environment. The cultural contexts of education are, above all, philosophical systems which to some extent were and are shaping thinking and educational practice.

The essence and pathogenesis of infecting, classification of pathogenic factors. Standards of nursing care in pesagogiczna complicated by mother’s disease. Methods of venous and capillary blood drawingof a newborn baby – the technique of performing a screening examination of a newborn baby pedagogicxna test and congenital hypothyroidism, auditory examination of a newborn infant. Biochemistry rudiments of a human being. Stages of proceedings in breast tumour diagnosis.

Philosophy is pedagogy’s concern. Beginning with Socrates philosophy and its questions and theses question tradition and, to some extent, the unreflectively accept position of pedagogy towards its subjects.

Making content-related analysis of documentation in order to nurse a patient. Communication nomplewicz a patient with psychic disorders. Midwife’s role and duties in breast-feeding promotion.