How to start Online Casino Gaming Business ? Startup Ideas

In this 21st century, in the world of digitalization casinos has replaced by the online casinos. Yes, as we all know that in this hustle bustle of live, no one prefers to visit to the real casino as online casino plays the same role and bring the real casino via your mobile phones and have an ability to make you feel in the live casino.

While seeing the demand and craze of online casino, if you have also turned your mind to bring the live online casino for the gamblers through which they can bet at anytime and from anywhere, so here we brought some easy steps for you to start your online casino business and a perfect guide that you should follow and know about it.

Many people want to open up their own online casino but they can’t imagine actually going through all the steps to get one started.

Choose an online casino game app and software provider.
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Before you start, you have to decide what casino software and games
The software is going to run your gaming site and will be the backbone of your casino Game.

Helping you manage your entire operational activity,
account management,
payment processing,
fraud management,
marketing campaigns.

There are two types of suppliers
1. ones that develop games and platforms themselves
ones that offer packages with gaming content of other suppliers (B2B – business-to-business model)
If you go with the company that develops games itself
pay lower fees
a lot of flexibility in meeting your requirements

1. If you Go With B2B supplier,

you can get games from multiple developers without the need to sign multiple contracts, but there will be larger fees to deal with.

choose a casino provider that asks you for monthly fees
this would be like paying a monthly rent + a fee from your profit
send you the source code files after your purchase
granting you maximum access, Net Entertainment and Micro Gaming (game developers) are top three game developers that
1. cover over 60% of the worldwide
2. award-winning games are considered as the top converting
3. They charge a minimum of 10 000 EUR/M
4. demanding a minimum of 15% cut of the royalties

If you choose to buy a complete solution from these guys you will end paying them a minimum of 120 000 EUR in just one year.

Note: Choose your business partners carefully and never do that in a rush.

Obtain a Casino License.
1. Go with a B2B supplier which offered a sub-license
2. freely operate legally
3. save you a lot of time and funds
4. it is better to get your own license

in case there is no such option obtaining your casino license

start a BitCoin casino, which does not require a license.

Decide in which country you will obtain your casino game license

such as Curacao or Costa Rica offers cheap to obtain a casino license
(around 25 000 – 30 000 EUR/year)

Use a service like to set up an offshore company that obtaining your casino license.
Pay the fee to get your casino license and provide them with any other information that they require.

Choose Your Accepted Payment Methods.

set up your payment options
Open Credit cards option That attract more customers
Shop around for affordable processing services

Select The Best Market Your casino game
1. Decide on the countries
2. Focus on delivering unique content and unique games
3. SEO or search engine optimization
4. A Google Adwords campaign
5. Support several different languages from countries
6. Be sure to hold events regularly
7. Using a system of deposit promotions
8. Always make sure that you reward the players
Learn how to Deal with Challenges.
casino has to worry about is hackers
When your marketing efforts are driving a large number of people to the casino website but those people are not signing up
It is possible that you are not offering enough methods to deposit money into the casino
You may not be covering the language of the country.

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