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Ronald Takaki. · Rating details · ratings · 7 reviews. Now in a new edition, Iron Cages provides a unique comparative analysis of white American. The ascetic ideology is one of three successive “”cages”” that Takaki sees as the boxes that white Americans built to separate themselves from. Free Essay: Ronald Takaki’s Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th-Century America After America declared its independence from British rule, the founding.

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Now in a new edition, Iron Cages provides a unique comparative analysis of white American attitudes toward Asians, blacks, Mexicans, and Native Americans in the 19th century.

This pathbreaking work offers a cohesive study of the foundations of race and culture in America. In a new epilogue, Takaki argues that the social health of the United States rests largely on the ability of Americans of all races and cultures to build on an established and positive legacy of cross-cultural cooperation cayes understanding in the coming 21st century.


Observing that by all Americans will be minorities, Takaki urges us to ask ourselves: Will America fulfill the promise of equality or will America retreat into its “iron cages” and resist diversity, allowing racial conflicts to divide and possibly even destroy America as a nation? Incisive and provocative, Iron Cages is an essential resource for students of ethnic history and important reading for anyone interested in cagez history of race relations in America.

IRON CAGES: Race and Culture in Nineteenth-Century America by Ronald T. Takaki | Kirkus Reviews

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Iron Cages – Paperback – Ronald Takaki – Oxford University Press

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