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Online Jaiib Sample Papers Practice and Preparation Tests cover Science (Class – VII), Chemistry (ICSE – X), NTSE/CBSE (Science) – 15, NTSE/CBSE (Science). Question And Answers Free Pdf Convert Download 18/10/ JAIIB exam previous year question papers free. Previous 10 years JAIIB. JAIIB Accounting Sample Questions by Murugan Sir by souravmohuri in Types > Instruction manuals and study

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Developed in conjunction with Ext-Joom. I owe my success to my parents, teachers and the entire Lakshya team. My experience at Lakshya was simply awesome. It was at Lakshya that I understood that motivation is about believing in yourself and enjoying what you do. I had a plan to achieve high scores. And mentors get the best out of you.

They used to push us to extremes and according to them the way to progress would be when we stepped out of our comfort zones. They knew the weaknesses of all the students and suggested corrective measures for each student individually.

Previous years 5 years question papers of JAIIB?

We were encouraged to clarify doubts and our teachers patiently answered doubts even 10 to 20 times. Sometimes we started lectures at 5. But even then we never felt stressed. Lakshya makes the journey of JEE preparation so easy we never felt like we were studying so hard.

It was simply like breathing for us because Lakshya was always there. Lakshya was like home during JEE preparations. I went home only to sleep. There were either lectures or something important happening all the time. Discussions and doubt solving was always going on and I did not want to miss it. The teachers themselves forced us to take a break with a little fun activity. We played cricket or went to a movie. Motivation sakple naturally since everybody was into preparation mode.

Lakshya teachers assessed everybody and suggested the topics where we should concentrate and others which they were confident we could do easily. Lakshya is a place to experience.

I cannot thank them enough. JEE preparation with Lakshya was so smooth I never felt nervous. There was no pressure except that the date was coming near. Teachers were always around to solve our doubts and sxmple us. We worked on our weaknesses relentlessly pqpers converted them to our strengths.

The professors were very supportive and even hung out with us during breaks so that we were always motivated. Mahesh tutorial Lakshya family has been an integral part of my success.

I am glad that I have been part of Mahesh Tutorial right since standard 9. These years have been so very lively and so very helpful for me that the experience will be beneficial for me for my entire life. The teachers here are so very full of life and energy.

Even aample the teachers would enter the class full of energy, that attitude would make us want to study with our heart. The teachers made it a point to make us understand each and every concept very precisely. They used to make all efforts like presentations, animations and any sort of practical method of teaching which made us remember.


Even when I was writing my board exams I could remember every concept our teachers had taught. I have a habit of asking doubts whatever they may be to every teacher. The teachers used to clarify my doubts even when the question were not academic. Here I truly understood what a mentor is. Kudos paperd all teachers of Mahesh Tutorials.

My journey in Mahesh Tutorial started from 9th standard. In standard 10 I secured I continued with Mahesh Tutorials because my earlier experience had been something very special.

JAIIB Sample Papers With Solution|With Answer |

Here we don’t only study, but we have fun too. The teachers are so live wire and full of enthusiasm. They developed our interest in the subjects. They used to give us so many examples that you could connect easily and remember it effortlessly. Learning at Mahesh Tutorials was a two way communication process and helped me learn complex topics easily.

We were told to do everything with applications. The teachers explained to us with the help of diagrams, presentations and illustrations helping us relate topics to the practical world. I believe this is what makes Mahesh Tutorials so great. My teachers at MT were always available to solve our doubts. Loyalty is always rewarding. And my bond with MT is the best proof.

Right from the professors to the management to the office boys, everyone makes a contribution towards students’ success at MT. The professors are like mentors, always available to guide and solve all the problems.

MT has been a crucial part of my academic journey so far. Thanks a million to everyone at MT for making this possible. What an exciting journey it has been from Std. X to CA Final. Having achieved great academic heights, throughout my journey, the only support for me had been my Modern Day Gurukul – “Mahesh Tutorials”.

Spending a constant 8 years of my journey with MT, it had been almost a second home to me and the reward it gave me in the end was that I entered as just a student and exited as a Qualified Professional. Will be indebted towards MT always. Kudos to the Teachers and Management for all the efforts they have put in throughout my Career.

Their approachable demeanor and constant support never failed to amaze me. Major part of my life had been spend on the benches of Mahesh Tutorials and the classrooms here have been more familiar to me than my own house. The blackboards here and the projector screen in the classrooms are now more familiar to me than a Television.

The teachers and management team here have been my Academic Parents throughout my career. It helped me a lot in revising the concepts for Std. It acted as a teacher in the absence of a teacher physically.


Moreover, it has also helped a lot for preparing for CPT Exam.

Global Reach In Education And Training

I am really thankful to MT Educare for its fantastic work on this app MT has some of the best faculty in India. Their technology-enabled teaching methodologies eased my challenging ride.

I was able to get the right advice at the right time to make the right decisions which helped me become a topper. The personal attention given to each student, doubt solving sessions, flexible timings and locations helped me immensely in preparing for this exam.

MT Educare is the perfect place to pursue your CA journey. The professors are not only pioneers in their fields, they also make you think. They are also very approachable and friendly, ever ready to help you with any doubts you have. I could not be where I am today without their guidance. Due to challenging work timings, MT Educare has been a life saver thanks to their flexible timings and video classes. State-of-the-arch infra along with excellent faculties is MT Educare for you.

Probably the only faculties to ensure the students understand the concepts thoroughly. Hats off to the way they dwell in-depth the subject which helps students not only from the exam perspective, but also from the professional angle. Thank you MT Educare for playing a pivotal role in my success.

Before we CA aspirants prepare for our entrance exams, the biggest problem for majority of us is choosing the right class.

While hunting for the best coaching classes for 12th and CPT they all seem to be at par. But I can proudly say that my decision of choosing Mahesh Tutorials has been perfect. The teaching here is fantastic!

The friendly and down to earth nature of Professors, innovative ways of teaching, constant motivation, in depth knowledge, interactive teaching and their vast teaching experience makes MT one of its kind.

We felt ;apers confident as the concepts were on my fingertips. Last but not the least is Robomate, truly an anytime anywhere friend. I wish MT all the best to grow stronger as a giant in CA coaching.

Right from the first day, I felt comfortable with my study and enjoyed learning free of stress.

All the doubts in various subjects were cleared by the teachers which helped make my concept clear. Lakshya has been a second home to me. Teachers here are very supportive and encouraging. Throughout my journey, samlpe helped me realise my capabilities and boost my self confidence.

I always got the personal attention which was required to get the best out of me.