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Malaguena by Sabicas tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Documents Similar To Malaguena Sabicas. Paco de Lucia Malaguena de Lecuona. Uploaded by. Hefestos Hefestos Herrera. ES Violo Flamenco. Malaguena. Sabicas Moderate. 1. A A 4 D:4 A c. h = ? A & & ‘ (! B B B B B B DB F B & & & & & & ‘ &. accel. h = DB %. h = h = h = B &. DB.

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Forum rules Respect Copyrights: The music you seek may never have been published, for it is known that he improvised most of his music and played differently each and every time he played a piece Paul said that Sabicas was a very strict teacher and would use a needlepoint on the students L. Getting pricked one or two times would certainly make me sabixas This was of coarse back in the 50’s and 60’s when you could, as a teacher, be punishable towards your students Doing that now a days, would certainly require a judge appointed mandated court order, tagged along with a fine, as well as possible jail time Quite easy to come by, Faucher is one of the best flamenco transcribers in the business.


There is a Malaguena in the book, though not the one you mention. Its worth getting just for Zapateado En Re. Many of other Sabicas solos can be purchased directly from Faucher, Google Affedis and you’ll find it.

Sabicas-malaguena – Vidéo dailymotion

I bought Malaguena from sheetmusicplus, but it is not in EMajor like i wanted it. There will be a problem getting the specific piece you point to above. As already indicated flamenco is largely improvised and falsetas are combined on the fly, Sabicas did compose some concert sabicax but I don’t see this as one of them. A good place to ask about these details would be Foro Flamenco.

Google Affedis and you’ll find it. I heard he drank a lot of coffee Does anyone know where to find the sheet music for Malaguena.

Malagueña by Sabicas | Free Listening on SoundCloud

This particular malaguena is Malguena by Ernesto Lecuona, usually called Malaguena de Lecuona Lecuonas malaguena and is originally written for a piano. There are numorous transcriptions of this piece avaialable, I consider Sabicas version probably the best. One that is close is Lyona Boyds transcription avialable both in score, tab and CD.


But with some free transcription as start, Sabicas Cd or DVD and original piano score it shouldn’t be overy difficult to get down Sabicas version. Board index All times are UTC.