Slot Machine Myths & How Slots REALLY Work – Can You Influence the Results? | Casino Guru Explains

In this video, we explain the core principles of how slots work. We focus on slot machines from the mathematical point of view, how the spin results are generated using random number generators (RNG), and why casinos can be sure that they will profit in the long run. And, along the way, we bust some of the most prevalent slot machine myths.

0:00 Slot machine myths
0:57 How slots work
1:36 Why casinos don’t need to influence slot results
2:02 Why casinos don’t want to influence slot results
2:39 Why casinos can’t influence slot results
3:21 Slots with flexible RTP
4:17 How slot randomness is achieved
5:43 Randomness of modern slots and RNG
8:49 Interactions between casinos and game providers
10:53 Slot machine myths busted

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